Employer Branding Videos — A powerful pitch for a formidable team

With today’s highly ambitious workforce, organizations as much need to market themselves to their prospective (and existing) employees as to their customers. The HRs’ and internal comms teams are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to attract and retain the best candidates. A multi-dimensional, creative, and informative communication strategy to present the organization to the prospective and present associates of the organization, abounding in charisma to attract and retain them, constitutes employer branding.
The role of employer branding for any organization can be significant, and here are some reasons why employer branding is important for organizations:
  • Attracting & retaining top talent: A good employer brand communication can help attract and retain top talent. Candidates are more likely to apply for a job if they have a positive perception of the organization.
  • Employee engagement and retention: When employees feel proud of their company and its values, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work. This can lead to better retention rates and lower attrition.
  • Competitive advantage: A strong employer brand can help a company stand out from its competitors. This can be particularly important in industries where there is high competition for top talent.
  • Increased productivity: Employees who feel connected to their employer are more likely to be productive and motivated at work.
  • Cost savings: Having a strong employer brand can reduce recruitment costs, as companies with a positive reputation tend to receive more applications from high-quality candidates

Employer Branding Videos — Why?

Global HR guru, Josh Bersin amplifies the fact that the recruiters in present-day corporations must be marketers, salespersons, career coaches, and psychologists, all rolled into one. It means that the employer branding strategy should embody all of these elements. Such a strategy can no more rely only on the static career or corporate pages on the business’ websites, or the creative recruitment posters of digital marketing. The HR message needs to come alive with multi-dimensional depths with a human touch to it. This evidently can be materialized only through videos. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that employer branding videos have become the choice of HR strategy for businesses. Studies have revealed that crisp and lively employer branding videos on social platforms outperform textual or pictorial messages when it comes to hiring the right candidates. Also, creating employer branding videos is a great employee engagement initiative in itself as a lot of people enjoy the process of video making.

Employer Branding Videos — Windows to the Values and Culture of a Business

Coming to the specifics of creating employer branding videos, a business needs to look at what exactly it needs to convey to job seekers. Here is a look at some of the different types of productive employer branding videos.

1. Brand/Corporate Films:

These videos speak about the very core of the ‘why, what & how’ of a brand. The uniqueness and the brand’s products or services, and their presence and utility value in the lives of the customers gain the prime focus in brand films.
Brand films can be based on a harmonious, connected blend of stock video footage, or they can be shoot-based videos, made from scratch, with animations infused into them, brought alive with voice-over narration and leaders speaking.

2. Workplace Videos:

They are extremely impactful in making a bold case for an organization’s location, dynamic workspaces, work teams & environment, career growth & objectives, futuristic orientations, and amenities.
Empowered by the employees’ testimonials, these videos impart a fact-based magnetism to the job seekers towards the organization’s workplace and workforce philosophy.

3. Work Profile Videos:

These videos, as the name suggests, target specific job roles that prospective hires could be looking for. Again, the vocal case made by jubilant employees in specialized roles of the various operational verticals of an organization is the soul of work profile videos.
They provide strong technical reasons and a personal connection to a professional to envision oneself in the organization, and thus significantly boost employer branding.

4. Employee Journey Videos:

They offer significant insights into the experiences of the working employees in an organization. Employee journey videos reflect how an organization is perceived by its employees, it highlights the contributions and achievements in their respective roles.
They are also about the upward trajectory of an employee’s career and the journey towards realizing their fullest professional potential and fulfillment.

5. Values & Culture Videos:

Corporate values and business culture say a lot about the way organizations are run. The values and culture video narrates the belief system of the organization, the principles that drive them, and what direction the organization takes in its journey to become the best in the industry.
These videos can also feature the iconic founders or CEOs of business brands who speak about their vision, mission and values.

6. Achievement and CSR Videos:

There will always be moments to celebrate an organization’s achievements. It could be the winning of an excellence award, a successful M&A exercise, the registering of a company’s revenue boost, or a significant CSR contribution.
Videos about such moments exhibit the solid foundations and sustainability of the brand and speak volumes about the employers’ probity and diligence.
In conclusion, employer branding videos have become an indispensable HR strategy for businesses looking to attract and retain top talent. By investing in creating high-quality employer branding videos, organizations can now communicate their story effectively to both their prospective and existing employees.