5 Golden Points to Make an Impactful First Brand Video!

A brand is the personality of a company. It’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear the name of a brand.

Here are some ways in which famous personalities define a brand:
Today, in a crowded market environment, marketers find it hard to register the brand in the minds of the customers. They need to cut through the clutter, understand the changing customer need, align the purpose of the brand with the customer’s need, and effectively communicate this alignment by triggering the right emotion.

Fundamentally, nothing builds a brand like emotion, and nothing drives emotion like a video. So, telling the story of your brand, about its existence, how it simplifies the customer’s life, and what larger impact it has on the world is what a brand video is all about.

A brand video is also referred to as a corporate video, brand film, company overview video, pitch video, and so on. Most companies try to explain their history, values, mission, vision, and products/services in this video, which is technically not wrong, but it just should not be the first brand video. The first brand video should be created from the perspective of the customers, their belief system, and their interests, rather than the company’s.
The first brand video can be used not only for marketing to external stakeholders (i.e., customers) but also for internal communication to instill a common thought process and culture among employees, thus connecting them to the organization’s larger purpose.

An effective brand video should be genuine, creative, and from the heart, while it remains focused on the marketing goals. Read on below as we are here with 5 GOLDEN points to get your first video right!

1. Purpose is Priority

There are many ways in which a brand story can be told. You may toss your brand story as an idea to get your customer to think differently, or choose to subtly communicate how the brand can make their lives easier!
Defining the communication’s purpose establishes a clear path for a brand video.

2. Adhere to a particular target audience

As a brand, you cannot talk to all of your customers at all times. Evaluate which segments are worth targeting. You must understand the customer persona in terms of geography, demography, lifestyle, behavior, and so on.
Understanding your target audience before creating the video content allows you to position your message better.

3. People love stories, tell them one

Everybody loves a good story, so do not rush to introduce your brand in the video. Tell a compelling story that touches, moves, or inspires your customer instead.
Remember that people do not remember what you said or what they read about you but will remember how you made them feel.

4. Use the right voice

A good voice always draws attention. A narration that connects with the target audience, combined with relevant background music, can trigger the right emotion. Although having a voiceover is great, sometimes just the background music with appropriate visuals does the magic.
If voiceover is used, the gender and age of the narrator would have to be chosen carefully for the message to have a proper emotional impact in the very first brand video.

5. Enhance visual experience

You do not have to narrate everything you want to communicate in the audio. Use visuals to your advantage; imagine telling the same story without audio. Use infographics to reaffirm some of the important points. If someone can understand your storyboard without your help, you’ve cracked it.
Also, the usage of the brand’s primary and secondary colors throughout the first brand video for text and other visual elements leaves a relatable imprint in the viewers.


And there you have it: five golden rules for creating high-quality, value-added brand video that will attract customers and other businesses. If you are still not ready to work on your brand videos on your own, reach out to video agencies and co-create your first brand video soon.

It is said that “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, so have fun while you work on your first brand video!